Coming Home

Jenna Laurise

Take the sweetness of Sara Bareilles, the richness of Etta James, the rock of Pink, and the quirkiness of Ingrid Michaelson and you have the perfect combination of singing and music that will move you emotionally through each song that Jenna sings.

Musicians: Jenna Laurise: Vocals, songwriting, and piano

Neil Zimmerman & TTFFO Studios: Producer, arranger, guitarist, bassist, and percussion on all tracks except Wrong Guy,
Defying the Odds, and Coming Home (acoustic)

Christopher J. Bloom: Production of vocals on Letting Go, full production on Defying the Odds & Coming Home (acoustic)

Wrong Guy Musicians: Reggie Berg (Piano), Steve Kenny Martinez (Bass), Bill Kerr (Guitar), George Horn (Drums). Recorded at FTM Studios, Denver (sound engineer & mixer- Steve Sunberg).

She'd like to give special thanks to her main producer Neil Zimmerman for all the hard work he put into this and also to Christopher J. Bloom who produced Defying the Odds and Coming Home (acoustic).

Music critic Raj Manoharan calls her vocals "angelic" and "cherubic." Eliot Riis from 303 Magazine says of her voice: "Hearing her sing, I can see that she brings a class that is worlds above a DJ spinning standard radio hits, which makes Ehrle- her clean voice, its strength firmly feminine- all the more impressive, and what she offers, all the more rare." (March 2010 Issue, 303 Magazine)

Jenna Laurise was instilled with a passion for singing and performing from a very young age. She began performing professionally at age twelve and has graced stages all over the United States, including working for Disneyland. She was inspired from a young age by her father, who played guitar and sang. He taught her how to sing and harmonize in three-part harmony, along with her younger sister Rachel. His life was cut short at a fairly young age, and now part of her journey is to continue his musical tale.

Coming Home is an album that is dear to her heart because it reflects on deeper issues of love, loss, relationships, and life. It's about coming back to who you really are inside and being true to yourself. It's about coming back to your roots.

She'd like to dedicate this album to those that are closest to her: her husband Eric, sons Cameron & Connor, mom Sherry, dads Rob & Tom, sister Rachel, and most of all God.

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