Jenna Laurise Music Studio

Jenna Laurise Music Studio

PRIVATE LESSONS: Want to train and develop your musical skills to a level you never thought was possible? Take private lessons with Jenna in voice, piano, guitar, ukulele, or songwriting!

Jenna has her Master's Degree in Vocal Performance in Jazz and Commercial Music from DU's Lamont School of Music. She has also been teaching private lessons since 2008. Her students have leading roles in musical theatre, sing lead vocals in bands, played lead instruments in bands, and some have even performed in television and movies. She has helped students get into All-State Choir, professional theatre, and prestigious music colleges (Berklee College of Music, AMDA NY, UNC, CU Denver), just to name a few.

Jenna charges by the month rather than the lesson. This gives the student more of a long-term development perspective and growth vs. a week-to-week (and slow) mindset and growth. 

Half Hour Hour Monthly Tuition: $175/month (4 lessons a month on average) 
45 Minute Monthly Tuition: $262.50/month 
One Hour Monthly Tuition: $350/month

Annual Materials Fee (for books, vocal exercises, sheet music, mp3's, karaoke tracks, etc.)- $75/year for piano students/$60/year for voice students. Due with August tuition.

Recital Fee: $35/per recital for piano recitals; $100/per recital for coffee shop recitals ($75/for each student after the first)

Currently I am no longer taking beginning students and have a waitlist. If you would like to audition to be in the studio, please contact me at 

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