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This one is for my song Waves from A&R Factory:

When it comes to Dance & EDM tracks, usually the only expectation is for intricate build up, resounding kicks and blindingly euphoric breakdowns. Jenna Laurise did all that and more with her latest single Waves which was released earlier this year. The depth of the lyricism within her track was oceanic, puns aside, Jenna has definitely set the bar when it comes to creating rounding Dance hits. The poignant composition was orchestrated around the emotions surrounding loss, whilst the lyrics are sonorously emotive, the energy behind track is pure uplifting empowerment. It took quite a voice to match the harsh beats when they were in full flow, but Jena Laurise had no trouble in dominating the soundscape with her soaring strong vocals. Throughout the duration of the track I couldn’t quite help shed the feeling of familiarity in the sound when drawing comparison to Lady Gaga, and that’s by no means an insult; they’re both vocally blessed goddesses.

As an EDM Pop hit goes, you really couldn’t ask for more. You can check out Jenna Laurise’s latest single Waves on SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

This more in depth one is a great from The Ark of Music: 

Performing professionally in musical theater by the age of 12; Denver, Colorado’s, Jenna Laurise, would eventually go on to receive both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Vocal Performance.

“As soon as I was old enough to talk,
I began to sing…”

Inspired greatly by her musical father, she started the Jenna Laurise Musical Studio, where she spends forty hours a week teaching private lessons in voice, piano, guitar, ukulele, and songwriting. And, when she’s not busy teaching, you can also find her gigging regularly in the Denver area with her acoustic pop duo, Brightenstar, with cohort, Neil Zimmerman.

With plenty of writing already under Jenna’s belt, she’s not only written and performed on Louis Colaiannia’sGrammy-nominated album, A Moment Between Eternities, she also has a growing sonic library of her own, which includes:  2014’s Coming Home, and a host of singles.

Her latest album, Songbird, represents Laurise’s musical interpretation of her life’s journey thus far, as it asks listeners to face—head-on—the challenges of self-love, acceptance, grief, and injustice.


Keys pair with Laurise’s bright timbre in the intro of the album’s opener, Waves, quickly giving way to an electro-pop rhythm and layers of sparkling synth tones. It’s a strong opening track written to connect with anyone going through great loss…

“Tell them now don’t bother looking for me 
I’m just a teardrop lost in the sea
Get tossed back and forth by the motion of the waves…”

A Better Person’s encouraging melody, ushers in a lightened heart, and immediately brings to mind the likes of Regina Spektor.

With Songbird, the album’s third track, Jenna’s knack for melding positivity and light with appealing melodies and rhythms is officially a theme. We see what’s happening here, and we like it. (Be sure to check out the acoustic version at the end of the album.)

“We may not know what lies ahead, what storms may come our way each day, but we’ll be stronger for the better…”


A choir of voices unites with clapping percussion in the chorus of, Stand Up, making the whole thing a rather cathartic plea to ‘stand up’ wherever injustice shows its face.

An anthem for self-love and sovereignty, You Are Enough, offers a wholesome argument to—first and foremost—become whole, alone…

“Accept who you are, be strong
Without anyone’s else’s love…”

The Coffee Song just might be Starbucks’ next theme-song. (Think I’m joking?)

For those of you either helplessly in love—or tired of someone’s nonsense—may we recommend, Kryptonite or Close The Door, respectively.  :-)

Clever, thoughtful writing unite with blueprint sonic electro-textures on Jenna Laurise’s third solo album, Songbird, to create what is arguably a textbook modern-pop record. Vocally, Laurise is crisp and light, wholesome and positive, and authentic through it all. Lyrically, the album is thematically catchy—without sacrificing its integrity. Musically, Songbird’s production is as good as anything we’ve reviewed, as waves of synthesized and acoustic tones mesh seamlessly together to create a collection of songs that is sometimes ambient, sometimes bumping, and consistently entertaining. For those of you who prefer that rare modern-pop music—with depth—Jenna Laurise’s Songbird may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Regina Spektor meets Robin Schulz…

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2019 Song of the Year Songwriting Contest: Runner Up- Pop Category for "Waves" (Co-written with Nitanee Paris)

2018 Hawaii Songwriter's Festival: Semi-Finalist for "Waves" (Co-written with Nitanee Paris)

2017 Song of the Year Songwriting Contest:  Semi-Finalist- Pop Category for "You Are Enough (Anyone Else's Love)"

2011 Sang and wrote vocal melodies and lyrics for Grammy Nominated Album- Moment Between Eternities (Louis Collaiannia)

2007-2009 Graduate Dean Scholarship for Vocal Performance (University of Denver, Lamont School of Music)


Women of Substance Radio- Top 20 Indie Songs (July 2014, Oct 2014); #1 Indie Song (2015), #1 Indie Song (2017)

One By One- Featured on European stations (2014)

FILM/TV Placements:

  • Numerous songs signed to music publishers
  • Oracle (2014)- Original song "Wrong Guy"
  • Without Warning (2015)- Original song "Second Chance"



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