Hey there!  My name is Jenna and I want to share my musical journey with you.  I never ever imagined I would become an artist/songwriter, as my biggest dream growing up was to perform on Broadway. I grew up in Denver, Colorado and was inspired by my father who played guitar and sang.  As soon as I was old enough to talk, I began to sing and before you knew it we were harmonizing in three-part harmony- my dad, my sister Rachel, and me.   He died at a fairly young age, and now part of my journey is to continue his musical tale.  

I began performing professionally in musical theatre by the age of 12 and was dead set on becoming successful on Broadway.  I was very lucky to have performed in over 100 productions and worked for equity theatre companies all over the country.  One of My favorite roles was playing the Evil Queen at Disneyland.  I got married while I was still in college to my college sweetheart Eric who is very supportive of my music.  Along the way, we've had two AMAZING boys that are the apple of my eye, Cameron and Connor.   

In 2007, I got an itch to go back to grad school and deepen my musical abilities and had the fortunate experience of attending DU's Lamont School of Music.  While there, I gained amazing training in jazz and contemporary music, and I began to write.  At first it was just in my classes for jazz.  Then after graduating with my Master of Music in Vocal Performance in Jazz and Commercial Music, I started writing music that I felt had some depth and hopefully some inspiration.  At the same time, I started a Voice and Piano Studio and honest to goodness, God has made it grow into something I never dreamed it would be.  I consistently teach 40 students every week.  My students are amazing and I love developing and training them to be something great!

In 2011, I wrote and sang vocals on several tracks on the grammy nominated Album Moment Between Eternities with Louis Colaiannia.  So much fun! In 2014, I released my second CD, Coming Home and several of the songs have been signed with music libraries for film and TV licensing. 

I have really enjoyed performing in the live duo Brightenstar since 2015, and we gig quite frequently in Denver and the surrounding areas.  I have been fortunate to perform at such venues as: The Soiled Dove, The Walnut Room, Lila B's, Hapa Sushi, Nonna's Bistro, Dazzle Restaurant, Jazz at Jack's, Platte River Bar and Grill, and many more.

I am so lucky to currently be co-writing songs with some award winning songwriters, including Nitanee Paris and Vince Constantino. Several of our songs have been featured on Women of Substance Radio and signed to music publishing.

In 2018, I have been working with an awesome music producer from the Netherlands, Jan Baars on my third CD, Songbird.  It is a pop/EDM crossover album that has some very meaningful songs on it that deal with love, loss, life challenges, and more.  Impacting the world and individuals in a positive way through well written music is my goal so I really hope you enjoy my music and share it if you like it!

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